Day 1 of All-Stars

      Hello friends, Bryan here. I’m here to talk about 2018 All-Stars with all of you, now I know i’m pretty late but I was just digesting all of the amazing content that this event had. Ill go over some of the content I found entertaining in my opinion here. 

NA vs EU

The 1st day of All-Stars started off with NA vs EU, but it was not a whole team. As I stated in a previous post, 3 voted players, 2 streamers and a few invited by riot from every region attended. 

You can check out the whole game


Then they had 2v2 and 1v1 matches as well as game modes for every player to play in. As well as a tandem mode, where 2 players play as a singular character. one uses the keyboard, the other uses the mouse. Day 1 was definitely a blast to watch.

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