Final Blog Post

Howdy everyone!

Today marks the final day that we meet in our classroom.. And it made me think of this 

I learned a lot from this class.

From making memes to making a website, it sure did escalate rather quickly. But i found this class to be exceedingly fun, more fun than i ever could have imagined! I thought making things would be boring or that the teacher would give us basic stuff to use and not let us explore and boy, was I proven Oh So wrong.

I also found out i needed 15 blog posts minimum… umm….yea….Im not worried..theres definitely enough content about my game to post…yea nothing i cant handle…anyway enjoy this gif THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW I FEEL AT THE MOMENT


We also made something called vapor wave.. which was also deleted by some random student using the computer..people can be really cruel because i even put it in a folder that said please do not delete this folder. but anyway ENJOY THESE PICTURE that seemed rather nice to look at.

And all will be posted on my amazing website that I have yet to make 15 bl..i mean I have created these amazing posts on……yea.


As for the grade I deserve..hmm…

But in all seriousness, I feel like I deserve a B+ because even though i did do the work. I usually just forget to update anything on my website during the other days we are off class until we get back into class. I had my focus and my objective was clear, it was just that my lack of memory when it comes to these types of things seems to have taken over and I never remember to do what I said I would do.

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