League of Legends World Tournament Semi-Finals

it’s almost that time Semi-finals for the world tournament of League of Legends.

On Saturday its EU vs CN

G2 Esports


Top: Wunder

Jungle: Jankos

Mid: Perkz

ADC: Hjarnan

Supp: Wadid

Substitute player: Sacre




Invictus Gaming


Top: TheShy

Jungle: Ning

Mid: Rookie

ADC: JackeyLove

Support: Baolan

Substitute player: Duke







And on Sunday, its


North America



Top: Licorice

Jungle: Svenskeren

Mid: Jensen

ADC: Sneaky

Support: Zeyzal

Substitute player: Blaber


For the first time in 6 years a North American team made it to semi-finals and a Korean team did not. ( Korean teams used to always win the World tournaments)




Top: Bwipo

Jungle: Broxah

Mid: Caps

ADC: Rekkles

Support: Hylissang

Substitute player: Soaz


This world tournament is different from all the other in the fact that it could be a Western only finals. It was always Korea vs Korea before hand. But for that to happen China’s IG will have to fall to Eu’s G2. IG look like a powerhouse of a team after defeating the strongest team in the tournament KT in the quarter finals. They seem like the favorite to take it all unless G2 can take them down.

In this worlds anyone can beat anyone, that is why in my opinion i’m hyped for NA vs EU.

The NA vs EU rivalry dates back to the beginning of league of legends and has always been in other tournaments but the world tournament.

And as A resident NA player, I am absolutely excited to see C9 Vs Fnatic because of the fact that if they make it to finals, this will be the first time NA has ever been able to fight for the worlds trophy as a finals contender.

Although it has always been C9 who have made it farther than any other NA team in history, they never got passed Quarter Finals, until now when they 3-0 swept the last Korean team.


Fnatic has entered the tournament swinging, they seem like the favorite to take the best of 5 vsC9 as well as the tournament itself. But like i said, ANYONE can beat ANYONE so we don’t really know what the outcome of the Sunday matches will be and I am so hyped to watch it.

If you would like to see the schedule for the 4 upcoming games check out the link below!

Right here

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